Game Day and Training Expectations



  • Each player is required to bring a water bottle to each
    training and game day. It should be clearly marked and
    contain only water.
  • Players are required to notify their coach and team manager
    of any injury or sickness prior to and/or during training
    sessions and games.
  • Players should arrive at least 15 mins (30 mins is preferred)
    prior to scheduled game. Please advise your coach or
    manager if you are going to be late.
  • Each player should have and be wearing the correct uniform
    for game day.
  • Each player must wear appropriate footwear (enclosed nonmarking sole shoes) and personal MOUTH GUARD to take the
  • Please ensure you advise your coach and team manager
    should you be ill, injured or have a medical condition.



  • Teams should warm up together with the Coach or Manager.


  • Please SHAKE HANDS with your opposition and give three CHEERS to the OPPOSING TEAM, THE REFEREES and your team for a game well played, not just the final score – immediately after the final whistle has gone.
  • Your Coach will then provide a game debrief and provide any team or individual feedback and instruction required for the following round.


Rules and guidelines are provided by Karratha Basketball
Association and are available on on the KBA website, please
ensure you are familiar with these and the Modified rules publicised by KBA.

Karratha Basketball Association have a ZERO Tolerance Policy.

The following penalties will occur for JUNIOR competition, should any player, coach or spectator breach the code.


Your continued support is required to ensure that our Club and all its junior members enjoy their basketball experience, you can assist by;

  • Getting your child to training and game days on time
  • Ensuring your child is ready for game day, dressed in uniform and energised to play
  • Share team duties – Support Referee & score table duty
  • Act as a role model and always display good sportsmanship
  • Ensure that your child is prepared to manage the heat and extreme weather conditions
  • Support Northern Spirit Basketball Club decisions
  • Recognise the value and importance of volunteer coaches
  • Make sure that you have read the KBA Modified rules and that you and your children are familiar with them.


The graphic below is instruction on how to use the iPad scoring tablet for games.